Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (03/28/19)

Facebook bans white nationalist posts

Facebook said Wednesday that would start banning posts referencing white nationalism and white separatism in response to criticism of racism on the social network. Facebook previously focused on prohibiting content that glorified white supremacy, but civil rights advocates complained the policy did not cover white nationalist and white separatist messages that were essentially the same thing. Facebook reviewed the matter and agreed, saying in a blog post that “praise, support, and representation of white nationalism and separatism” were not acceptable. “It’s clear that these concepts are deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place on our services.” The policy applies to Instagram, too.

Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (03/27/19)

Climate change

 The Arctic community that’s home to the “doomsday vault” may be warming faster than any other town on Earth. Longyearbyen, Norway, is the world’s northernmost town, just 800 miles from the North Pole. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault — where copies of crop seeds are stored in case of global catastrophe — is located there. But the climate in Longyearbyen is heating up faster there than anywhere else, a Norwegian researcher says, because of accelerated Arctic warming: warmer temps reduce ice and snow cover, causing less sunlight to be reflected and more solar energy to be absorbed. So the vault, which was supposed to be an insurance policy of sorts against disasters like climate change, is being threatened by climate change itself.

Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (03/26/19)

DOJ shifts, backing full repeal of ObamaCare

The Justice Department in a dramatic reversal revealed in a legal filing on Monday that it supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law. The department said in the document filed with a federal appeals court that it is “not urging” the reversal of any part of a lower court ruling invalidating the law. In that ruling, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court in Fort Worth, Texas, held that the individual mandate to acquire health insurance “can no longer be sustained as an exercise of Congress’s tax power” because lawmakers eliminated the penalty for people who fail to get coverage. The administration had previously said protections for people with pre-existing conditions should be scrapped but the rest of the law should be preserved.

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2nd Parkland survivor dies of apparent suicide

A second Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor has died of an apparent suicide in a week. Coral Springs police said Sunday that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sophomore died Saturday night. The second student’s name and age were not immediately released. Last week, 19-year-old Sydney Aiello reportedly took her own life after struggling with survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder, her mother told CBS Miami. Aiello was a senior at the school when a gunman killed 17 students and staff, including her friend Meadow Pollack.

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New Zealand to ban semi-automatic weapons after mosque mass shootings

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday announced that her country would ban military-style semi-automatic weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and accessories that can be used to convert guns into military-style weapons. The decision came just six days after mass shootings that killed 50 people at two mosques in the city of Christchurch. Ardern said the new laws should be in place by April 11. The government plans to use a buy-back scheme for banned weapons already in circulation. The main opposition party said it supported Ardern’s plan, suggesting it would face little resistance in Parliament. “It’s about all of us, it’s in the national interest and it’s about safety,” Ardern said.

Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (03/20/19)

Supreme Court hands Trump a victory on immigration policy

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled 5-4 that the U.S. can detain immigrants awaiting deportation any time after they have served criminal prison sentences. The judges were divided along ideological lines, with the conservative majority handing President Trump a major victory in his push to harden U.S. immigration policies. Justice Samuel Alito Jr., writing for the majority, said the decision merely followed the plain language of a federal immigration law permitting detention of immigrants facing deportation no matter how long ago or how minor their criminal offense. Justice Stephen Breyer, who dissented, said the ruling “runs the gravest risk of depriving those whom the government has detained of one of the oldest and most important of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.”