Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (11/28/18)

The planet is falling far short of the 2 degree Celsius goal to limit climate change, according to a new report from the UN. That goal, set in 2015 in the Paris Climate Agreement, would help humanity avoid the worst effects of a warming world, like massive droughts, rising sea levels and more destructive hurricanes. But the UN report says projected emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, would result in an average global temperature rise by 2100 of 3.2 degrees Celsius (5.8 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial temperatures. The report urges world governments to do more to lower their carbon dioxide emissions before it’s too late.

Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (11/27/18)

Later this morning in London, documents Facebook had hoped to keep secret might be revealed during an “International Grand Committee” on disinformation and “fake news.” Representatives from the United Kingdom, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Latvia and Singapore will be there. Facebook’s just sending a VP and not CEO Mark Zuckerberg. CNN’s Hadas Gold and Donie O’Sullivan detail how UK lawmakers ended up with the documents and what might be done with them. (CNN)

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Chinese researcher He Jiankui announced late Sunday that he had helped create the world’s first genetically edited babies, twin girls born earlier in November. If verified, this would be a big and controversial leap in science. He said he used a new gene-editing tool called CRISPR-cas9 to remove a gene called CCR5 from embryos fertilized in a lab, in an attempt to make the genetically modified children immune to HIV, the AIDS virus. Most bioethicists and experts in the gene-editing field condemned the work as premature and morally indefensible. Several scientists who reviewed the research He released said his tests are insufficient to show the editing worked as intended or to rule out harm to the girls.

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Don’t rule it out. Some are wondering if an extraordinary public spat between President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts could complicate the relationship between the two branches of government. After Trump criticized the circuit judge who ruled against his asylum ban as an “Obama judge,” Roberts made a rare public statement to defend the impartiality of the judicial branch. That prompted Trump to hit back, claiming those appointed by his predecessor “have a much different point of view.” Roberts has previously remained largely silent amid Trump’s attacks on judges.

Getting Up To Speed with Oursociety911 (11/21/18)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday warned consumers not to eat romaine lettuce, saying it is unsafe due to an outbreak of illnesses from a particularly dangerous type of E. coli contamination. The CDC said consumers should throw away any romaine they have already purchased, and refrain from buying more until the alert is lifted. Restaurants are advised not to serve the lettuce, and stores are on notice not to sell it. The warning applies to all romaine lettuce, no matter where it was grown. Thirty-two people in 11 states have fallen ill from eating contaminated romaine. Thirteen of them have been hospitalized, one with a form of kidney failure. Eighteen people in Canada have been infected with the same strain of E. coli.