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Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Babe Ruth


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MENTAL HEALTH CHAT-(U.S. suicide rates surges to a 30-year high)

Image result for beer delivery prevents suicide on a bridge by offering a cold one and channeling denzel washington (podcast)

Special shout out to the Beer deliveryman who prevents suicide on a bridge by offering a cold one and channeling Denzel Washington (Podcast)!!!

Many research shows that mental health condition isn’t the result of one event. It suggests multiple linking causes. Lifestyle, genetics and your environment can influence whether someone develops a mental condition. A stressful home life, stressful job or stressful school environment makes some people more susceptible, as do traumatic life events like being the victim of a crime. Basic brain structure, biochemical processes and circuits may play a role too.

Remember that you important and loved by many. Why? Because you are a living soul and you matter to us. So, if you are having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE CALL 800-273-8255.


Cartoon Politics


Senate Judiciary Committee votes in favor of Kavanaugh’s confirmation
The Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday voted 11-10 along party lines to recommend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. On Thursday, the committee heard testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, who alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the 1980s, and from Kavanaugh himself, who strongly denies the claim. The vote was delayed roughly 20 minutes for last-minute dealmaking. Swing vote Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who is not seeking re-election, called for a maximum one-week delay on the full floor vote until the FBI can conduct an investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh.

(The Washington Post, C-Span, The Week)




Earthquake, tsunami kill nearly 400 in Indonesia
A 7.5-magnitude earthquake triggered a 10-foot-tall tsunami off the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday morning, killing at least 384 people and injuring hundreds more. Entire families have been reported missing, Indonesian disaster agency representative Sutopo Purwo Nugroho reported. A number of houses have been swept away, and a large mosque has collapsed. The tsunami hit the cities of Palu and Donggala, where more than 600,000 people live. Electricity and communications are down in many areas, and the international airport is closed, making rescue efforts difficult, particularly in more rural regions.

(CNN, The Week)




House votes to extend individual tax cuts permanently
The House of Representatives on Friday voted for a permanent extension of tax cuts for individuals and unincorporated businesses passed in the GOP tax reform law last year. At present, these changes are set to expire in 2025 (or sooner, in some cases), after which tax rates will return to previous, higher levels. However, the Senate has no plans to consider the extension, suggesting the House vote may be more a campaign tool for GOP representatives than a meaningful policy action. All but 10 House Republicans supported the extension; just three Democrats voted yes. (Politico, The Hill, The Week)




Data from 50 million Facebook users compromised by network attack
A network attack exposed about 50 million Facebook users’ data, the social network revealed Friday, and the vulnerability has since been patched. Facebook is investigating the extent of the damage, notified law enforcement about the breach, and on Friday logged 90 million users out of their accounts as a security measure. The company has repeatedly faced scrutiny for its handling of private user data, especially in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a data firm hired by the Trump presidential campaign harvested data from 50 million Facebook users. (The New York Times, TechCrunch, The Week)




 Judge rules congressional Democrats can sue Trump over emoluments clause
A federal district judge on Friday gave a group of about 200 Democratic senators and representatives the go-ahead to sue President Trump for alleged violations of the Constitution’s emoluments clause. The provision bans the president accepting gifts from foreign heads of state absent congressional consent. The suit is led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and argues Trump has violated the clause by accepting payment for hotel, office, and event rentals by foreign officials at his Trump Organization properties. On election, Trump did not divest his assets in the business, instead placing them in a trust controlled by two of his sons. (Politico, The Hill, The Week)




Looking Back to Save Future Moms
Maternal care for America’s Black women is in crisis. Alabama ranks as the worst state in which to give birth, and in 2016 infant mortality rates increased, a statistic similar to far poorer countries, with Black women likely to suffer more than others. A midwife-devised program aims to reverse this trend. Nearly half of Alabama counties don’t even have OB-GYN services, forcing mothers-to-be to drive hours to obtain care. Midwifery is an old-school solution, but one health experts believe could add up to a healthier future.

(Scalawag, OZY)








(Good News- (We may be living in some strange times, but there’s still a lot of good in our communities)

Joy ride
The widow only had $3 for gas. A cop not only put $20 into her tank, but he inspired other people to help her out.

Some healthcare providers who were growing sick of the price gouging and drug shortages decided to put their resources together to create a company name Civica, Rx that is being officially launched to help patients by addressing the shortages and high prices of lifesaving medications.  This Nonprofit Drug Company will be hitting the market in 2019.

Free ride
Talk about a fun first day of school. A banker told seniors at a Wisconsin high school he’d pay their tuition if they go to a two-year technical school.


LOVE FOR SELF AND OTHERS, Remember that you are a precious gift, respect it and be respected. Love yourself and be loved. Know your value and don’t accept being treated in a way less than you deserve.




After nearly half a century in the ring, HBO is bailing on boxing. The premium network announced it will no longer carry live and pay-per-view fights, and said it would instead pivot to sports-themed documentary. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Young rapper reportedly hospitalized for eating too many hot Cheetos 
Ah, the spicy folly of youth.

Prince posthumously awarded honorary degree from University of Minnesota 
“He was music, kind of like how God is love,” his sister said in accepting it.

This start-up wants to turn your car into a vending machine 
“Yeah … been there, done that.” — Every parent ever 

Egyptians have been mummifying bodies for even longer than we thought
Turns out drying people out is a pretty time-honored way of keeping them together for the afterlife.

Bed Bath & Beyond reports awful sales, stocks at an 18-year low
Quick, everyone, register for some hand towels and wedding china!



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