Reflecting on December 2017

As members of societyIf we don’t reflect on our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. However, if we reflect on those mistakes, figure out what went wrong, see how we can prevent them in the future, we can use our mistakes to get better. Mistakes, then, are a valuable learning tool, instead of something to feel embarrassed or upset about. Reflection is an important way to do that., It gives you perspective. Often we are caught up in the busy-ness of our daily lives. A high-pressure situation or something of that nature can seem like it means all the world. It can overwhelm us sometimes. But if we take a moment step back and reflect on these problems and how in the grand scheme of things they don’t mean all that much, it can calm us down and lower our stress levels, we gain perspective and make the right decision, the moral decision.

I highly recommend that, if you haven’t yet, you develop the daily habit of reflection, in your own way. It could have profound changes on your life. As members of society, If we don’t reflect on our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them.

As we reflect during these perilous times, let us not forget that we are a nation of immigrants. Ellis Island saw millions of newly arrived immigrants pass through its doors until it closed it’s doors in 1984.


We need to start to comprehend the factors that causes change before it destroys many.  Can we stop the elements, before they caused hovoc?

California Wildfires Continue to Burn

Wildfires in California

During the month of December, Wildfires in the state of California have destroyed more than 1,000 structures. The Thomas fire, which has affected more than 230,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, is now the fifth largest wildfire in modern California history. (CNN), Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP



California Wildfires Continue

Wildfires in California

During the month of December 2017, Another thousands of lives were uprooted, as people fled their California homes. The fires continue to blaze out of control, as law enforcement works tirelessly to diminish the flames. (CNN), AP Photo/Rick Rycroft



Japan to Acquire Missiles

Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera

During the month of December 2017, After North Korea’s successful missile test, Japan announced that it would acquire missiles that could reach North Korea. However, Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera stated that Japan is still relying on the U.S. for defense, not the missiles. (Reuters), Leon Neal/Pool Photo via AP


Putin Orders Withdrawal of Troops

Putin in Syria

During the month of December 2017, After visiting Syria, Russian President Putin ordered a partial withdrawal of Russian troops. Putin remains an ally to Syria as it continues to fight terrorism. (CNN)

Leon Neal/Pool Photo via AP

School Bus Accident in France

Bus Crash

During the month of December 2017, a train crashed into a school bus near Perpignan in southern France, resulting in two deaths, according to early reports (BBC news).

AP Photo/Lewis Levine

Putin to Run for Reelection


During the month of December 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his bid for reelection in 2018. (ABC News)

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin



Switzerland Expected to Return Stolen Funds to Nigeria

Sani Abacha

During the month of December 2017, Switzerland announced it will return nearly $321 million to Nigeria, money that was laundered by former military ruler Sani Abacha. The two countries have worked with the World Bank to ensure the assets would be returned. (Reuters)

AP Photo

Number of IS Fighters Dwindles

Syria Plane

During the month of December 2017, it was announced that fewer than 3,000 IS fighters remain in Syria and Iraq. However, U.S. Army Colonel Ryan Dillon maintains that the group still possesses a certain threat to the area. (Reuters), AP Photo/ Russian Defense Ministry Press Service

U.S. Media Barred from Russia

Russian Parliament and US Media

During the month of December 2017, Russia’s parliament voted to bar U.S. mass media correspondents from attending its sessions. (Reuters), AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

President Trump

During the month of December 2017, Reversing decades of U.S. policy, President Trump announced that he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. President Trump is working towards moving the embassy. The announcement has received much criticism from allies and enemies of the U.S. (Reuters), Debbie Hill, Pool via AP



School Shooting in New Mexico

The High School in New Mexico

During the month of December 2017, a shooter descended on a New Mexico high school. Two students and the shooter were reported to have been killed. (Reuters), AP Photo/Russell Contreras




Attempted Terrorist Attack in New York

NYC Subway after the attempt

During the month of December 2017, a man wearing a homemade pipe bomb attempted to detonate it near a New York City subway. Failing to explode, five people were injured during the ensuing panic. The police have the suspect, Akayed Ullah, in custody. (CNN), AP Photo/Seth Wenig


Transgender Recruits Accepted in the Military

Transgender Troops

During the month of December 2017, a judge ruled that starting January 1, the military must accept transgender recruits. (Reuters), AP Photo/Matthias Schrader


Disney Buys 21st Century Fox Assets


During the month of December 2017, Walt Disney bought 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets in a deal worth more than $52 billion in stock. (CNBC), AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

Manigault Resigns


During the month of December 2017, Trump Advisor Omarosa Manigault resigned her post in the administration, AP Photo/Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx


Republicans Revise Tax Plan

Republican Tax Plan

During the month of December 2017, Republican leaders agreed on a revised plan to cut taxes that lowers the corporate rate from 35% to 21% and drops the top individual rate for the richest Americans to 37%. (Los Angeles Times), AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta



Al Franken Replaced

Tina Smith

,During the month of December 2017, Tina Smith, Minnesota’s lieutenant governor, was announced as the replacement for Senator Franken. (ABC News), AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt


AG Sulzberger new Publisher of NYT

New York Times

During the month of December, A.G. Sulzberger succeeded his father, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., as the publisher of the New York Times. (New York Times), AP Photo/Richard Drew


FCC Repeals Net Neutrality


During the month of December 2017, The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality (CNN), AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin


Michael Flynn Admits to Lying to FBI

Michael Flynn Leaving Court

During the month of December 2017, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty in court after being charged by Robert Mueller, who claims Flynn made false statements about meeting with Russia’s ambassador. Because he pleaded guilty, Flynn will not face trial. (BBC), AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Utah National Monuments Face Cutback

President Trump Discussing National Monument

During the month of Deember 2017, President Trump announced that two national monuments in Utah would be scaled back by at least half. Environmentalists plan to sue President Trump after he made this announcement. (Reuters), AP Photo/Rick Bowmer


Time Magazine Announces Person of the Year

Ashley Judd, who started this revolution

During the month of December 2017, Time Magazine awarded “silence breakers” the title of Person of the Year. The silence breakers are those who started the revolution of #metoo and created a movement against sexual harassment. (BBC), Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File


House Passes Bill that Allows Concealed Guns Across State Lines

A Concealed Gun

During the month of December 2017, The House of Representatives approved legislation that allows concealed guns to be carried across state lines. The act requires states to recognize each other’s permits. (Reuters), AP Photo/Al Behrman, File


Air Force Reveals Criminal Reporting Reform

The church in Texas

During the month of December 2017, After being under investigation since the Texas Church Shooting early November, the U.S. Air Force announced on that it would toughen rules when it comes to reporting criminal records. This reform ensures that criminal cases are communicated with the FBI each time. (Reuters), AP Photo/Eric Gay


U.S. Government Bans Kaspersky


During the month of December 2017, President Trump announced that there is now a ban on Kaspersky Lab products within the U.S. government. (Reuters), AP Photo/Raphael Satter

Nokia Wins Dispute with Blackberry


During the month of December 2017, After pursuing a patent dispute against Blackberry, Nokia was awarded $137 million. The court ruling stated that Blackberry had previously failed to pay patent fees under the licensing contract. (Reuters), AP Photo/Richard Drew


YouTube Announces Music Subscription


During the month of December 2017, YouTube announced a paid music subscription will be launched by the company come March. (Reuters), AP Photo/Danny Moloshok


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