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As you face your day, Smile Often, Think Positively, Give Thanks, Laugh Loudly, Love Others ,Dream Big, Remember, Life is like a Camera, Focus on What’s  Important, Capture The Good Times, Develop From The Negative and If Things Don’t Work out, Take Another Shot. Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations.

Many find that their anxiety levels will go up when they watch cable news, which causes many to avoid cable news or information that would otherwise help or hurt our society. ” The Government of the people, by the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” Abraham Lincoln.

Stay engaged in the business of OUR SOCIETY, take a break if you get overwhelmed. But equipped yourself with information so that you can make a educated decision that will impact OUR SOCIETY in a positive way. TAKE A BREAK, BUT,  Don’t Quit.

here’s what you need to know to Get Up to Speed

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

 House passes bill ending government shutdown

After the Senate passed a bipartisan bill to reopen the government with a vote of 81-18, the House followed, voting 266-150 and sending the legislation to President Trump’s desk. The measure funds the federal government through Feb. 8, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years. To get Democrats on board, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) promised that immigration legislation will be brought to a vote by Feb. 8 if it’s not resolved earlier.

Source: The Hill

 Leaked draft shows White House’s approach to infrastructure spending

A leaked draft of the White House’s infrastructure plan shows President Trump’s tentative approach to one of his biggest campaign promises. Axios acquired the document, which breaks down the $1 trillion plan into categories: infrastructure incentives make up 50 percent of total appropriation and encourage “state, local, and private investment in core infrastructure by providing incentives in the form of grants”; transformative projects, which “must be exploratory and ground-breaking ideas,” make up 10 percent; rural infrastructure makes up 25 percent; federal credit programs 7 percent; and the federal capital financing fund 5 percent. Additionally, grants would be capped at funding 20 percent of project costs, a decline from 50 percent.

Source: Axios

 Trump imposes steep tariffs on imported solar panels, washing machines

President Trump on Monday, acting on recommendations by the U.S. International Trade Commission, approved imposing tariffs on solar panels and washing machines. The administration says that by placing a tariff of 30 percent on most imported solar modules and a tariff of up to 50 percent on large residential washing machines, this will help American companies. While Whirlpool is pleased with the news, with its chairman saying it will create manufacturing jobs, Bill Vietas, a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association, said the tariffs will hurt his business. “Government tariffs will increase the cost of solar and depress demand, which will reduce the orders we’re getting and cost manufacturing workers their jobs,” he told The Associated Press.

Source: The Associated Press

At least 22 killed in Kabul after Taliban militants attack luxury hotel

Afghan officials said Monday that at least 22 people were killed in a Saturday attack by Taliban militants at a luxury hotel. Militants wearing suicide vests stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul and exchanged gunfire with security forces, and witnesses said they went up and down the hallways of the luxury hotel, targeting foreigners and government officials. Several of the victims were employees of KamAir, a private Afghan airline. A spokesman for the Taliban said originally they wanted to attack the hotel Thursday, but postponed their plans due to a wedding on the premises and wanting to avoid civilian casualties. Afghan security forces announced Sunday that all six of the militants had been killed.

Source: The Associated Press, BBC

3 members of USA Gymnastics board resign in wake of Nassar scandal

Three members of the USA Gymnastics board resigned Monday in the wake of the scandal surrounding former team doctor Larry Nassar, who is accused of sexually abusing more than 130 of his patients over three decades. “Nobody was protecting us from being taken advantage of,” said Olympic gold medalist Jordyn Wieber during her victim impact statement at Nassar’s sentencing Friday. Board of directors chairman Paul Parilla, vice chairman Jay Binder, and treasurer Bitsy Kelley all resigned, a decision that president and CEO Kerry Perry said is a step that “will allow us to more effectively move forward in implementing change within our organization.” An investigator said last summer that USA Gymnastics needs a “complete culture change” to protect athletes.

Source: NBC News, The Week


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Forward Guidance

Shutdown extends into third day, OPEC and Russia hold the line on production cuts, and Germany looks closer to getting a government.

Impasse endures

Bipartisan efforts to broker a deal to end the government shutdown failed to find agreement over the weekend, meaning disruptions will expand this morning for Americans as federal agencies begin closing at the start of their normal workweek. The Washington blame game also goes into full swing, with Senators including South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham holding up President Donald Trump’s staff for complicating talks with their hard line on immigration. Despite the drama, the shutdown continues to be seen as little more than a blip for markets and the U.S. economy, for now.


OPEC and Russia reaffirmed their intention to maintain oil production cuts for the rest of this year, while signaling their readiness to continue to cooperate into 2019. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in a Bloomberg Television interview that the global oil market still isn’t fully rebalanced. A barrel of West Texas Intermediate for February delivery was trading at $63.32 at 5:40 a.m. Eastern Time.

Merkel IV

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chances of leading the country for a fourth term received a boost over the weekend when her prospective coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party, voted to formally enter negotiations on forming a government. Talks on a so-called grand coalition could begin as soon as tomorrow. The euro climbed on the increased chances of no new election in Europe’s largest economy, trading at $1.2261 by 5:40 a.m.

Markets mixed

Overnight, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index gained 0.2 percent, while Japan’s Topix index closed 0.1 percent higher as the yen slipped towards the end of the session. In Europe, the Stoxx 600 Index was unchanged at 5:40 a.m., with UBS Group AG shares dropping after the bank reported earnings that missed estimates. S&P 500 futures were 0.2 percent lower, the 10-year Treasury yield was at 2.650 percent and gold was slightly higher.


The annual  World Economic Forum shindig in Davos kicks off today, with the great and the good from the world of business, politics and entertainment descending on the Swiss town to discuss what is wrong with the world and how they can fix it. The attendance of Donald Trump at the event may fall victim to the government shutdown, should the impasse extend through the week.

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