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As you face your day, Smile Often, Think Positively, Give Thanks, Laugh Loudly, Love Others ,Dream Big, Remember, Life is like a Camera, Focus on What’s  Important, Capture The Good Times, Develop From The Negative and If Things Don’t Work out, Take Another Shot. Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations. Don’t Quit.

here’s what you need to know to Get Up to Speed

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Travel ban
The third time just may be the charm for President Trump’s travel ban. The Supreme Court will allow this latest version of the ban to take effect while the legal fight over it winds through the lower courts. This ban places restrictions on foreign nationals from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen. It’s the first time justices have allowed any edition of the ban to go forward in its entirety, and some observers see this as a sign the Supremes are more likely in the future to rule in its favor.
Roy Moore
What a difference a month makes. For much of November, it seemed like Roy Moore’s Senate campaign in Alabama was a sinking ship. Now it’s December, and it’s full steam ahead after President Trump endorsed him, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell softened his tone and the RNC is giving Moore money again.

So, what made the GOP look beyond the sexual harassment and assault claims against Moore? Old-fashioned politics. Polls show a very tight race, and the GOP really can’t afford to lose a single Senate seat if it wants to move its agenda forward. There is still at least one influential dissenting voice on the right, though. Mitt Romney tweeted that Moore’s election would be a “stain on the GOP” and no victory was worth “losing our honor.”

Paul Manafort

A bail agreement between Paul Manafort and special counsel Robert Mueller is in jeopardy. Mueller’s team said Manafort was ghostwriting an op-ed piece with a Russian with ties to Russia’s intelligence service. Mueller’s office thinks Manafort, President Trump’s ex-campaign chair, is trying to influence public opinion in his case, so it has asked the court to reconsider the $10 million bail agreement. Manafort, who has been under house arrest for weeks, faces 12 charges in Mueller’s probe, including conspiracy. He has pleaded not guilty.

Yemen’s former President was killed by Houthi rebels as he tried to flee the capital. The death of Ali Abdullah Saleh means there’s a very real prospect of further bloodshed in a conflict that’s already killed thousands — and has left 8.4 million Yemenis at risk of starvation. Just two days ago, Saleh said he was ending an alliance with the Iranian-backed Houthis and seeking a new relationship with the Saudi-led coalition that’s been battling the rebels and maintaining a partial blockade. But for Saleh, that gamble turned out to be fatal. So, this proxy war in Yemen between Saudi Arabia and Iran will continue.
Net neutrality
The FCC is due to vote next week on a repeal of net neutrality rules, but Democrats want it delayed. They say there’s evidence that more than a million comments submitted to the FCC on the issue were fake. And New York’s attorney general says stolen IDs of Americans were used to make the fake comments. Dems want all this looked at before a vote. Rules now bar Internet providers from speeding up or slowing down traffic to and from specific sites and apps. Proposed rules would allow that as long as it’s publicly disclosed.

The number of proclamations President Trump signed to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah. Conservation and environmental groups are suing.


Madame President
“House of Cards” will come back for one last, eight-episode season that will star Robin Wright and totally cut out Kevin Spacey.

Crossover appeal
PBS is looking for a replacement for Charlie Rose and it’s found one, at least temporarily. CNN’s “Amanpour” will air on PBS on an interim basis.

Frozen out
That “Frozen” short featuring Olaf that runs before “Coco” is being dumped. Probably because that “short” is a not-so-short 21 minutes long.

The robots are coming
Yes, they’ll probably take all of our jobs, but at least they’ll be helpful in the kitchen, where they can put their voice technology and 3D printers to good use.


‘Beneath the Skin’
Cuts covered her son’s body after he was shot dead by a police officer in Chicago, and Cynthia Lane wants answers. CNN’s Rosa Flores investigates. Watch Episode 1 of “Beneath the Skin,” a three-part CNN Digital series.

The number of US media outlets labeled “foreign agents” by Russia



Provided By Courtesy of Mark J Kohler, CPA, Attorney, and Mathew N. Sorensen, Attorney:

The GOP Tax Reform

When the Senate and House finish their “reconciliation” and the new law is signed by President Trump, we’ll give you a detailed summary as to how it will impact you and your business. Until then, no new news and it’s still a moving target.  STAY TUNED…

Upcoming Important Deadlines- 


November 1st – December 15: Insurance Enrollment Period …If it’s your time to renew your health insurance or you want to change your health care strategy this is your chance. For more information on possible strategies, watch my annual Health Care Webinar.

December 31st –  ROTH Conversion Deadline…If you want to ‘convert’ some IRA money to ROTH you have to do it by Dec 31…however, keep in mind you can always undo it by the time you file your return. Hazy on the reasons why a ROTH is awesome read this.


December 31st –  Health Reimbursement Arrangement payment Deadline…If you had an HRA in 2017, you have to reimburse your employees/spouse or yourself before the December 31st if you want the write-off. The max contribution is 10k and if you need a refresher check out this article.

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There’s a tech bombshell in the Senate tax bill, Mueller probe looks for the president’s bank records and Brexit gets messier.

Tax bill hits tech

The law of unintended consequences hit tech stocks as the tax bill passed by the Senate on Saturday may have unwittingly created a situation where planned tax breaks related to intellectual property and capital spending could be rendered worthless. The bill keeps the existing alternative minimum tax for corporations at 20 percent on par with the new headline rate. That means companies will not be able to use other tax breaks to lower their effective rate. The proposed legislation itself now moves on to the conference committee which will negotiate a final bill between the House and GOP Senators.

Bank records

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election has widened to President Donald Trump’s business dealings, with Mueller issuing a subpoena to Deutsche Bank AG to get information on Trump’s relationship with Germany’s largest lender, according to a person briefed on the matter. Last week’s guilty plea from former national security adviser Michael Flynn led to calls to accuse the president of obstruction of justice, a crime his lawyers say is  impossible to charge him with.

Brexit shambles

Yesterday’s dramatic Brexit developments seem to have pushed the U.K. government into a corner after a deal that seemed to be ready for ink was pulled at the last minutedue to opposition from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, on whom Prime Minister Theresa May relies for a parliamentary majority. While the DUP rejected any special status for Northern Ireland after the U.K. leaves the European Union, leaders in other U.K. regions, and the mayor of London, said they may seek special status for their own areas, compounding May’s political headaches at this crucial point in negotiations. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for business leaders who say their planning horizons are rapidly vanishing.

Markets slip

Overnight, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index dropped 0.1 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average closed 0.4 percent lower as tech stocks in the region faced furtherselling. In Europe, the Stoxx 600 Index was 0.4 percent lower at 5:45 a.m. Eastern Time, with tech again leading the declines as positive regional PMI data failed to boost stocks. S&P 500 futures were broadly unchanged, with Nasdaq futures dropping 0.3 percent. The 10-year Treasury yield was at 2.376 percent and gold was sightly higher.

Travel ban

The U.S. Supreme Court handed President Trump a major victory when it allowed his ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries to take immediate effect, with only two justices on the court dissenting. The restrictions, which also include North Korea, will remain in place while further legal challenges to the order go forward. The immigration issue hangs over efforts to avoid a government shutdown before year end as Senate negotiations stall over plans to provide deportation protection for 800,000 young undocumented immigrants.

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